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Victoria Magazine

My order arrived on time, packaged carefully, and each item was exactly as pictured on the website.   I did not know what to expect for my very first order but was extremely happy with the quality and extreme cuteness of the tiny vegetables!!!!   The crystallized herbs are such a fun product, thank you for the samples!!!
I hate to give away my secrets, but will give everyone at my party the name of this website!!!
I can't wait to place my next order!!!!
Thank you again!!! - Jill"

"I was looking for a new special something to add to my confections for my business. I was asked to make a Rose water Cake. On a Google search, I found Gourmet Sweet Botanicals' Flower Crystals Rose, along with other exciting flavors on their site.I ordered that and the seasonal Fruit Crystals Pumpkin Spice, not wanting to miss out on trying that, too. I so wanted to try the others, but never having tried them before, I didn't want to risk my investment.  Imagine my delight when the well packaged box not only arrived quickly, but contained a set of generous samples of all of their flavors! Like a little kid, I grinned as I opened each vial. First the scent came to heighten my anticipation. Then the joy of tasting gave me the pleasure of a punch of flavor! I don't know how they get so much into these small bits, but wow, they're great! So is their customer service. I sent an email inquiring an opinion on which to use on my Vegan Matcha Truffles. NJ not only gave me the suggestion, but also her reason why she chose Rose. I look forward to exploring their other floral offerings for my future creations, knowing my clients' faces will light up when seeing the end results. Thank you for helping me bring them special moments!"
-Mary Soth, Eden Chocolates

"My wife ordered your wonderful sugared pansies for our wedding cakes, and they were beautiful! We wanted to thank you for making them for us, they were perfect, and we got lots of compliments on them! Thanks again for contributing to our perfect day."
-Brian and Kelly​

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The flowers were beautiful! I will most certainly use your services again!!! Wonderful customer service!!! 
-Shannon Marie Moreno| Coordinator, Weddings and Events 

"I love your high quality, hard to find, and high end products. We have received many compliments on our chocolates when we use your fruit and herb crystals. 
Again,  please know how much your fabulous customer service means to us. Many thanks, 
Pamela & Roger Marshall" - Tropical Chocolate Co

​"After receiving the flowers, it took me five days to actually use them, and they still looked amazing.  I will definitely be buying from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals again!" Find the recipe here:

​-Delicious Diaries

"I ordered several boxes of flower petals, and I was totally pleased by the fast processing and shipping. The super fresh flowers were delivered 26 hours after placing the order and the quality is as expected. I will definitely work again with Gourmet Sweet Botanicals.
Sebastien, School Office Manager, Coral Gables, FL"

"NJ, Thanks so much for your reply! I appreciate the personal touch of your company - not especially common with online businesses.  I am quite sure everyone at this wedding is going to want to know where I got such cute violas and mint leaves…. will sing your praises! Enjoy your evening, Gay"

"Dear Gourmet Sweet Botanicals,
I wanted to say a special thank you for the absolutely fantastic product I received from you !!  Saturday evening was a dinner party of 10, the inspiration was Thomas Keller’s French Laundry dinner courses!! Your offerings were outstanding – each and every guest commented on all your superb offerings – thank you so very much, I am now an evangelical fan of yours!!
Best regards, Chris"

"I would like to thank you so very much for your great customer service and beautiful product. You contacted me when I wasn’t sure of what I needed, and sent my shipment when you said you would. In addition, you were very easy to contact which relieved much of my stress in my panic. When the product wasn’t delivered by On-Trac you immediately replaced my order with only concern that I would get what I needed. The flowers arrived by FedEx at 11:10am and were beautiful. The flowers put smiles on everyone faces (especially the kids) which was the hope when using them on a sad occasion. With the additional flowers that you sent I was able to share with my co-workers also. Everyone loved them. If I can complete anything to expedite a claim for your company against On-Trac please do not hesitate to let me know. I will happily be sharing the highest recommendation for your Company.
Sincerely, Terry"

"Hi NJ!
Florals came in. Look nice. I only opened one of the crystallized sugar roses but it looked stunning.
So, I have put the Cosmos in my frig, in the box they are stored in and will hope for the best for Monday afternoon. 
I don't need to do anything else to them, right? Thanks again. Great service and company. Will recommend!
Lee Healy" - Lee Healy Marketing Communications

"Thank you very much for your timely shipment of our flowers. They were in great shape, and made a very elegant addition to the cocktails at our wedding. Thank you again!"

"Hi NJ
Just a short note to say ALL of the goodies were FANTASTIC! My clients absolutely fell in love with the tiny veggies :) Thank you for adding the additional samples too! The packaging was great and everything kept really fresh during the whole week. It's clear that you really take care with the details and I deeply appreciate that.
I will be placing another order next week and look forward to building "growing" our relationship :)
Have a beautiful weekend! 

Founder & Chef | The Palm Springs Plan

"Dear Gourmet Sweet Botanicals,
Our order arrived earlier than expected and in perfect condition.  These edible treats were a surprise for my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday.  We wanted something special, unique, and as wonderful as the guest of honor.   I am thoroughly satisfied with the flowers and really appreciated the mixed sampler you provided for free;  super thoughtful and much enjoyed.  We served a decadent chocolate pot de crème dessert in fluted glasses layered with Frangelico whipped cream with the gorgeous crystalized violas to finish----delish!  The orchids highlighted a tender Boston Butt and the mixed samplers were resplendent bursts of color and flavor mingled with the corn salad.  We even decorated the table with little plates and candles with some additional flowers sprinkled for color….it was fun to nibble on the different little beauties throughout the night.  Thanks again.  Your edible delights really made a difference in the evening. We will definitely think of you for our next special event.  From our home to yours…be well and best wishes.
oxoxo, Jessi"

"Hello,Our micro salads and edible flowers were huge hit at our party!  Thank you very much for the extra surprises too! Melinda"

"I’m raising my glass to you, Gourmet Sweet Botanicals, for your wondrous contribution to my daughter’s wedding reception on June 29th in Corrales, New Mexico. Your flowers were everywhere. Crystallized Roses surrounded the base of the cake. I’d ordered them a month prematurely, but you’d never have guessed it to see or to taste them, just as you predicted. Orchids, both the Petite Purple and the Magenta-and-White ones, blossomed in every corner, frequently floating--in a pond, in shallow vases with gardenias, in champagne flutes atop mimosas and sparkling wine. A plate filled with orchids and begonias was offered to guests of all ages and people who’d never eaten a flower in their lives were comparing the excitingly tart burst from a begonia with the tamer, sweeter notes of an orchid. A 5-year old friend, who barely likes to eat, was proudly showing his father an orchid, saying, “Look what I’m eating!” His older brother came up to me and said, “At every wedding I find one thing to eat a lot of,” and, picking up a begonia, plopped it, meaningfully, into his mouth.The orchids held up beautifully, especially the larger ones, even with no water, even outdoors in the heat. My youngest daughter put two of them in a Ziploc bag and brought them to our hotel where they spent three days on a counter, followed by two days in a car crossing the desert. Amazingly, they were only, on the fifth day, starting to turn brown and we never saw them wilt. The begonias were more delicate, turning brown after several hours, albeit in record heat; people ate and enjoyed them anyway. All the flowers brought color, fragrance and magic to our event. Before lowering my glass, I have to express my gratitude to NJ, who was my contact at Gourmet Sweet Botanicals and is, very likely, an owner. Besides being informative and thorough, NJ is overwhelmingly generous and kind. I wish I owned a restaurant so I could do a regular business with Gourmet Sweet Botanicals. They are truly good people, who offer stunning products at amazing prices, and who treat their customers with the greatest care. Thank you, NJ! Thank you, Gourmet Sweet Botanicals!


"Once again, thank you for the fast and comprehensive answers. More than anything, that impresses me about a company. You have been wonderful and can certainly expect many orders from me in the future. Have a great weekend!!

"Hello! I just received my package! I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and my Rose crystals but even more for my free samples!!! You guys are just awesome! I'll be ordering from your company for some weddings I have coming up! Thanks so much!"

"Dear NJ, I just had to take a moment to write you again and tell you how impressed I am with your products and service.

First, I'm so lucky to have found you at all. Had been looking for edible violets for months and finally figured out I was more likely to find exactly what I wanted if I searched for "violas" instead. That pretty much culled out all the hits for "african violets". But more to the point, this is how I found your wonderful site.

I'm thrilled with the violas you sent me, of course, they're just what I needed. But omigod,-- the roses. I think they are THE BEST I've ever seen, and I've seen and held and tasted the best Paris, France has to offer (among plenty other places, but then I use Paris as the ultimate example given ... well, it's Paris). So trust me when I say you have scored with the master pattisserieres in this regard. I wasn't expecting so many, but of course, the listing was for 20. But still, they're so big and full and perfect. They're actually THE perfect size, and every single one arrived in perfect condition,-- I found that almost unbelievable, not a single broken petal. I almost didn't want to taste one in that it almost seemed like I'd be tampering with a work of art. But I did get past that thought and permitted myself to try one out. Now I *love* and adore anything flavored with violet essence, but I'm not so addicted to the flavor of rose. That being said, I think I may be cultivating my palate a bit after tasting your sugared rose petals. Really, they are delicious.

Not least of all, it was so generous of you to include a gift of 6 bottles/flavors of your Herb and Flower Crystals (I almost bought the very package you sent me FREE, thank you SO much). I have not tasted these yet, but I'll be sampling them all tomorrow while cooking dinner and baking the coconut cake I mentioned to you in my first email. Speaking of which, the roses have inspired me to new heights in regard to that cake. If I have a chance, I'll take fotos and send you one before it is devoured by my guests, ha! Your sugared roses will be the focus of dinner, trust me.

I look forward to shopping with you again and ordering tiny vegetables and salad micros for my next dinner party. Again it is so good to know I can receive a package from you so timely and for such reasonable prices given the supreme quality of your products.

Thank you so much for the gift package and for everything else I ordered from you. Oh, and did I mention how carefully and professionally it was packed for shipping? Just a completely flawless purchase for me. A million thanks to everyone at Gourmet Sweet Botanicals from one very happy customer!"

Kind regards,
Donna, Los Angeles

"Hi NJ,
I just want to thank you for all of your help, especially for picking out the flowers and being so attentive! I can't remember the last time I had such personal and caring customer service from a company. My mom's birthday cake was a success and it looked lovely decorated with the edible flowers on top.
All the best to you,

"Gourmet Sweet Botanicals staff,
June 2, 2012 my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. I have included a photo of the cake I made for the celebration that was decorated with your beautiful fresh violets and pansies. This was the first time I had ordered from your company, and I was thrilled with the response I received! The flowers were beautiful, fresh, and delivered on time!! Thank you so much for making this celebration even more special! 
Many thanks,

"Hello N.J,
I wanted to send an email telling you your products look great. I am very satisfied with the quality that you have gave me. I have posted a couple photos of dishes that I made using your products. Thnak you again for making my plates look beautiful.
Thank you for your time, I plan to do more business with you through out the year. Take care.

"Hello, I ordered some firestix & Mini colored peppers from you a few months ago. I used these to compete in a mixology competition and I won first place. The competition was featured in Tasting Panel Magazine along with images of your product in my cocktail. I was So Pleased with your product!!! I will definitely be ordering from your again!

-Marsha Meyer" - The Natural Mixologist

"All I can say is wow! Thank you for the quick turnaround and beautiful flowers! Our tortoises thank you too-a nice treat for them!
The Seymour's"

"Great service. Great produce. Always on time!!!

"Hey, everything was amazing! The roses are beautiful. The pansies to die for. I probably shouldn't have ordered the fresh flowers so early. The wedding is this Saturday. I'll know for next time. I was worried that they might arrive late! Thank you for checking in! I will send you a pic of my naked wedding cake! 

"Thank you. You are a great company to business with. My chef loves your products!

Thank you for your professionalism! I will definitely be using you guys again.
Best regards,
Alex Brown" - Chef/Owner - Syrah & Merlot

"​Hi Nj,
Thank you so much for the herb and flower crystals samples. We are in the process of making our truffles today and are so excited to get them started and out for taste testing.
I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.again, Thank you
Cherry Shuler" - Cherry's Cheesecakes & Delights

Thanks for the flower/herb crystals, those are too cool. The celery snowflake leaf was amazing, psyched to use it again. I have some pictures of it on my Instagram @slcpop
Can I get samples of: garlic and radish flowers and the micro pea tendrils? Thanks again!


​" See this link. We included you in our review of the 2016 Int'l Restaurant Show. Brilliant product and we want to buy it."

​Betsa Pasta

"Thanks again everything looked great! And I'll definitely be ordering from you again!"
Executive Chef, Trans Exec 


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