The Flavor of Freshness​


 Gourmet Sw​eet Botanicals  

How do I care for my order once I receive it? 

What is product the shelf-life?

 Please refrigerate your MicroGreens, PetiteGreens,  Edible Flowers, Shoots & Leaves and TinyVeggies™  immediately, upon arrival. To retain the best flavor and  freshness, the temperature  should be maintained  between 38 – 40  degrees. Enjoy your purchase of  MicroGreens, Edible Flowers and Shoots & Leaves within  five days for the utmost in flavor. PetiteGreens and Tiny  Veggies™ should be fresh for use for 5 - 7 days.

 Herb & Flower Crystals are best  used within one month of purchase. They should be kept  cool and dry. Please try and avoid humid conditions. 

 Please see the Specialty Products descriptions for  freshness and use by dates for more information.