The Flavor of Freshness​


 Gourmet Sw​eet Botanicals  

How do I care for my order once I receive it? 

What is product the shelf-life?

 Please refrigerate your MicroGreens, PetiteGreens,  Edible Flowers, Shoots & Leaves and TinyVeggies™  immediately, upon arrival. To retain the best flavor and  freshness, the temperature  should be maintained  between 38 – 40  degrees. Enjoy your purchase of  MicroGreens, Edible Flowers and Shoots & Leaves within  five days for the utmost in flavor. PetiteGreens and Tiny  Veggies™ should be fresh for use for 5 - 7 days.

 Herb & Flower Crystals are best  used within one month of purchase. They should be kept cool and dry.  Please try and avoid humid conditions.