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Tiny Veggies Carrot Mix

Gourmet Sweet Botanicals sells high quality MicroGreens, Petitegreens™, Edible Flowers, Crystallized Flowers, Tiny Veggies™​, Shoots & Leaves and Specialty Products and ships direct to your door! We have selected the finest grower who is located in California's ideal growing climate resulting in a superior quality product and excellent availability. These products are harvested, packed and shipped the same day

to ensure the utmost in color, freshness and flavor.

Crystallized Pansy

Edible Flower Pansy

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At Gourmet Sweet Botanicals, we not only sell items for use as garnish on dishes and to adorn your delightful desserts, but we also sell items for mixology. Designing a signature drink for your special day? Hosting next week's dinner party? We've got you covered with all of the best products, Edible Flowers, Crystallized Flowers, Mini Herb & Flower Crystals, to make any drink unique. Click here to check out our
products and


Fresh, Vibrant, Flavorful Micro & Petite Greens

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From Gourmet Sweet Botanicals  

MicroGreens, PetiteGreens, Tiny Veggies, Shoots and Leaves, to Edible Flowers, Crystallized Flowers and 

Herb & Flower Crystals™​,

we have it all.

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Find unique ideas for that special

wedding cocktail!.

Gourmet Sweet Botanicals Edible Flowers are available year round.

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